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Grey Stitch Down Pleat Skirt


Stitch down pleat skirt of an appropriately moderate length (i.e. a knee above the knee length)

All round stitched down pleat skirt with back zip opening
65% Polyester
35% Viscose


Clifton Lodge - Worn in Year 3 to 6

Heathside School - Worn in Year 5 to 9

Hendon Prep - Worn in Year 6


A guide to choosing the right size skirt.

You'll need to measure your child's waist for girls skirts, even if the skirt style is designed to sit on their hips, it is the waist measurement that you will need.

Measure your child’s waist by finding the narrowest part of their torso; this is normally a couple of inches above their hip bone and often, but not always, in line with the bellybutton. If your child has no natural narrower part to their torso, take their waist measurement from about halfway between the bottom of their rib cage and the top of their hip bone. Pull the tape measure so it’s snug but not tight against their waist and make sure they’re not holding their breath! You don’t need to add anything to the measurement for comfort as good quality school uniform will be designed with a little bit of ‘ease’ included.


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