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New School Enquiries

We work in partnership with you in the design, sourcing and sale of new uniform to parents. This may involve creating an entirely new uniform or enhancing or modifying an existing uniform.

We understand that the needs and requirements of every School are different and our approach is flexible to meet your individual demands.

We work alongside the largest schoolwear manufacturers in the United Kingdom and our wealth of knowledge and experience is now benefiting many schools.

We have strong relationships with ethical clothing manufacturers and suppliers and our schoolwear is tailored to exceptional standards. Based on the volume of our business we are able to negotiate better prices on behalf of our schools and therefore pass substantial savings onto our customers whilst maintaining the quality and durability of the garments.

All products must pass rigorous tests and be extremely practical to endure their daily wear. We are proactive in the market and as styles change we continue to look for new products to show to our schools.

The uniform we produce is designed to enhance the school brand, logo and requirements.

Our story boards will bring your uniform to life. We provide samples free of charge with clear detailed costings.

We provide the following services for your benefit:

  • Retail stores open six/seven days per week
  • Telephone Mail Order service
  • 24 hour online uniform shop at
  • Weekly/Fortnightly complimentary Delivery to School service for pre-paid orders (for schools participating in this option)
  • Click and collect service from our stores or warehouse
  • School selling events
  • Direct to school supply

We welcome any new enquiries. For further information or to arrange a consultation please contact us via our enquiry form or call our Head Office on 020 8236 0687.

To submit your enquiry online please complete the form here.