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Stabilo Power Fibre-Tip Pens


STABILO power felt tip pen is for everyone that likes to create wonderful pictures with cool pens. They come in brilliant colours and fit perfectly in your pencil case. With it’s washable ink there is no need to worry if it ends up on hands or clothes. Plus, don't worry if you forget to replace the cap as their biggest benefit is the cap-off time of 8 weeks without drying out. The pen has a robust large tip with a line width of 2mm and a ventilated cap, so it is the ideal solution for the heavy demands of a playroom.

  • Take advantage of its extremely long cap off time of up to 8 weeks without drying out.
  • Its push resistant tip is a great benefit of the pen - no more broken tips!
  • Its washable ink is easy to remove from both hands and clothes.

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